CPC vacuum tube collectors

The perfect solution when power and performance are needed!

The shiny parabolic reflector ensures that a maximum amount of direct and diffuse sunlight is collected. Additionally, thermal losses are minimized due to the vacuum in the tubes and the solid insulation of the collectors.


  • extremely high-performance vacuum tube collector
  • CPC reflector for optimal performance – even with diffuse radiation
  • black collector made of anodized aluminium with solid insulation made of expanded polyurethane and fibreglass
  • 12, 14, or 16 highly selective, easy-to-replace flow tubes
  • U-shaped copper tubes with aluminium fins guaranteeing perfect conduction
  • limited weight means easy handling


The advantages of Calpak

  • the 0.8 mm thick aluminium heat conduction plate inside the vacuum tube increases heat transmission into the copper tube even when the irradiation angle is less than optimal.
  • high solar radiation heat transmission onto the carrier fluid due to the large diameter of the copper tubes (9.51 mm)
    the polyurethane foam collector insulation guarantees low thermal losses, high efficiency, and makes the collector resistant to damage.
  • the 5 mm thick vacuum layer between the highly selectively coated interior glass tube and the hail-proof exterior tube means perfect insulation and protection against freezing.
  • the high-quality aluminium CPC parabolic reflector ensures that a maximum of direct and diffuse sunlight is absorbed.



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We not only supply single components such as collectors but – if desired – also complete solar systems including a hot-water tank, a solar circuit, and a pump.

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