The Hillen high-performance flat plate collectors

This is what we mean by a well-constructed and powerful flat plate collector

Calpak can boast of 30 years of experience when it comes to the design and the production of tough high-quality collectors and is now offering a highly selectively laser-welded flat plate collector delivering an extraordinary performance.


  • highly selective flat plate collector
  • simple aluminum sheet absorber
  • 10 laser-welded, vertical copper tubes
  • thick polyurethane insulation with aluminium vapor protection plate
  • low-iron, transparent 3 mm tempered glass
  • frame made of anodized aluminium


Calpak offers many advantages:

  • the GA flat plate collector has a certified life expectancy of 25 years.
  • the polyurethane foam collector insulation guarantees low thermal losses, ensures a homogeneous and stable construction and offers very good moisture protection for the collector.
  • the collector frame is made of triple-folded aluminium and has therefore only one welded joint
  • the surface of the collector is made of hardened, low-iron, 3 mm thick solar glass.
  • using state-of-the-art laser-welding technology, a large number of copper tubes (10 in total) are mounted onto the selectively coated absorber and make sure the collector has a high yield


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We not only supply single components such as collectors but – if desired – also complete solar systems including a hot-water tank, a solar circuit, and a pump.

Please use our product inquiry form. We will reply to you as soon as possible and provide you with all the information you want.