The intelligent and transparent transport solution

Our intelligent freight system makes sure that you will be able to welcome your chimney or your solar system to your construction site as quickly as possible – and this not only in Germany, but in all European countries.

The Track & Trace system allows you to check the delivery status of your order at any time and you can also contact the forwarder directly and fix a date for the delivery. We will e-mail you all necessary information.

What do we need from you?

In order to guarantee a smooth delivery we need a little help from you. When ordering, please provide us with the following, urgently required information:

  • Name of consignee
  • Precise street address (street, number, post code/zip, city)
  • If you do not yet have a house number, please give us some pointers (e.g., „next to house number XX“ or „to the site with a construction crane showing a sign that says“XXX Bau GmbH”).
  • The e-mail address to which you want us to mail the delivery information.
  • A telephone number the driver can call in case he should have any questions.

Additionally, the following optional information would be very helpful:

  • If the driveway is very narrow or if there are other obstacles (e.g., construction sites), please let us know.

If something unforeseen happens and you cannot accept the goods personally, please give us delivery alternatives, such as:

  • „If I am out, please leave the consignment in the yard“
  • "In case I am not home, please ask my neighbour Mr XXX, house number XXX”

As a rule, asking for a different delivery destination constitutes a change that has to be authorized by us first. This means a delay in shipping and additional costs.

The consignment has arrived. What now?

  1. When the shipment arrives, check the outer appearance of the packaging.
  2. Accept the goods after taking the following step (step 3) into consideration!
  3. If you are not sure that the goods have been delivered in perfect condition, sign the shipping transfer note under reserve, subject to later inspection regarding the condition and the completeness of the consignment.
  4. Immediately after receiving the goods, check that the shipment contains the desired quantity and make sure the goods are not damaged (some damage might not be obvious).
  5. If you cannot exchange the euro palettes, make an appointment with the forwarder and arrange for a pickup.

Should you, after careful checking, find that parts of your order are missing or have been damaged, please contact us at this e-mail address:


In case of damages, please attach one or several photographs showing the damages to the mail; this will make it easier for us to identify the damaged parts and to process your complaint.

If there are any damages already obvious during unloading, please observe our Guidelines for Complaints. These can be found here:

> Complaints