Handling complaints

I have received a damaged consignment. What should I do?


It happens, but it is certainly not the rule – less than one percent of all shipments are damaged!

During the preparation and packaging of your chimney or solar system, it is paramount for us that the goods arrive at their destination in perfect condition. It is, however, impossible to completely rule out all damages occurring during transport since in some cases the goods travel several hundred kilometers and might be shifted from one vehicle to another a few times.

If you notice any damage on arrival of your order, please stay calm and do the following:

Very important! Do NOT refuse the shipment! Not even if the forwarder advises you to do so!

Why not? Actually, there is a very good reason: chimney and solar systems are shipped as assembly systems. Consequently, this is never a question of a total loss; only individual parts will be damaged. A complete refusal of a consignment means higher costs, risks further damage to the goods due to the unnecessary transport, and is bad for the environment.

If you have received a damaged consignment, please take these steps:

  • Together with the forwarder, carefully inspect the damage(s)!
  • Note down the damage(s) found on the shipping transfer note and have the forwarder sign it.
  • Then you can confirm the reception of the goods under reserve, subject to later inspection for hidden damages and completeness.
  • Afterwards, inspect the goods thoroughly and let us know about the damage(s) via an e-mail to the address below:


Your message should contain the following points:

  1. the number of the delivery note
  2. how many and which parts are damaged
  3. the shipping transfer note showing the damages acknowledged and signed by the forwarder (as a scan or photograph)
  4. one or several photographs showing the damage(s)

After receiving your message, we will ship a replacement to you – usually on the following workday.