Fireclay – fireclay bricks and more

Our high-quality fireclay stands out due to its high heat resistance and storage capacity. We supply fireclay bricks, fireclay stones, or fireclay mortar in soft Hafner quality!

Fireclay – a fireproof stone

Fireclay (sometimes called chamotte) is an industrially produced, stone-like material made from baked clay and aluminium oxides that is able to withstand very high temperatures and stores heat efficiently. Our fireclay bricks and plates are used, for example, for chimney stoves, baking ovens, and tiled stoves as well as barbecues and pizza stones.

These are our fireclay products


Feuerfeste Steine aus Schamotte

Fireclay bricks & bars

Feuerfeste Platten aus SchamotteFireclay plates


HourdisplattenHourdis plates

Feuerfester Mörtel mit SchamotteFireclay mortar


Fireclay in soft Hafner quality

Combustion chambers like ovens, tiled stoves, and chimneys require fireproof materials to protect the surrounding areas and to store heat. Our high-quality fireclay products meet all requirements a professional stove builder (Hafner) demands of the fireproof material used. The material is:

  • fireproof (up to 1,500 °C)
  • resistant to temperature fluctuations
  • easy to cut and work with
  • able to store heat
  • suitable for food (usable for ovens and pizza stones)

Our product range at a glance

Here you can print our complete fireclay product range:

Produktanfrage Schamotte Product inquiries

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