The OSMOTEC AGL-LAS is a flue gas system for oil, gas, and biomass heating systems with low flue gas temperatures for operation dependent on or independent of ambient air.

This flue gas system is special because of its flexibility:

  • the type of heat source, the fuel type (oil, gas, or biomass) and the mode of operation (positive/negative air pressure) can be changed at any time.
  • the combustion air can be supplied dependent on or independent of ambient air (retrofitting at a later time is no problem).

Our advice: a combination with the OSMOTEC LAS-F chimney is the thing to go for – it means that you will be able to use any present and future heat sources.

Product details


The AGL-LAS chimney system

  • moisture-resistant
  • independent of ambient air
  • concentric air supply
  • multi-purpose use possible (up to 4 fireplaces per floor and up to 10 fireplaces per flue gas outlet)
  • all materials used are UV light resistant and non-inflammable
air/flue gas chimney


Air/flue gas chimney

The OSMOTEC AGL-LAS is a three-layer air/flue gas system that not only transports emissions outside but also supplies your fireplace with the necessary combustion air. All fireplaces equipped with the OSMOTEC AGL-LAS can therefore be used independent of ambient air.

In contrast to other ways of supplying a fireplace with combustion air, air/flue gas chimneys such as the OSMOTEC AGL-LAS are the only systems whose suitability for an ambient air-independent use has been empirically proven (by the Fraunhofer Institute and the TÜV-Süd).


Fireclay pipes

Isostatically pressed fireclay pipes

fireclay pipeThe highly-specialised fireclay pipe production process used for the OSMOTEC range chimneys is markedly different from traditional production methods.

Isostatic pressing allows the production of extremely thin-walled ceramic pipes which are completely sealed and resistant to acids and condensates created during the combustion process.

A wall thickness of only 8 mm and a length of 66 cm make our fireclay pipes lighter, longer, and safer than traditional ceramic pipes. The 3 cm sleeve forms a perfect connection between the pipes and, together with our acid-resistant mastic, guarantees a homogenous and sealed pipe column.

Multifunctional duct

An additional duct for cables and connections

OSMOTEC LAS-F mit MultifunktionsschachtModern heating technology such as solar systems and photovoltaic systems is becoming more and more important. The OSMOTEC LAS-F can be optionally equipped with an additional multi-purpose duct allowing the easy fitting of solar system connections. If you want to retrofit any of these systems, the duct will allow you to do so without unnecessary expenses.

Other connections like data, power, or aerial cables and disposal connections (e.g., sewer pipes) can be installed inside the duct anywhere in the house.


Twin-duct chimney

OSMOTEC AGL-LAS as a twin-duct chimney

The OSMOTEC AGL-LAS is also available in various combinations as a twin-duct chimney:


zweizügiger Schornstein OSMOTEC AGL-LAS

Image 1: OSMOTEC HS and OSMOTEC AGL-LAS, twin-duct, with and without multi-purpose duct


zweizügiger Schornstein OSMOTEC AGL-LAS-F

Image 2: OSMOTEC LAS-F and OSMOTEC AGL-LAS, twin-duct, with and without multi-purpose duct


PDF downloads

Download here our OSMOTEC LAS-F product information brochures and our latest chimney system price list as a pdf file: