Nisott Isolierschornstein IS

The Nisott Isolierschornstein IS is perfectly suited for fireplaces that are not used very often and are used in a dry mode, e.g. in outbuildings, weekend homes, or summer houses. It can easily be retrofitted to an exterior wall.

The Nisott Isolierschornstein IS is a soot fire resistant chimney system that can be connected to any heat source operating in dry mode:

  • with high flue gas temperatures, up to 400 °C
  • with all types of fuel (gas, oil, wood and similar solid fuels)

The advantages of a three-layer insulated chimney

Its three-layer construction consists of an outside layer made of lightweight concrete, an insulating layer made of mineral wool, and a ceramic inside layer. This guarantees that the chimney is highly resistant to temperature fluctuations and can easily store heat.

The three-layer Nisott Isolierschornstein IS is suitable for standard fireplaces with high flue gas temperatures, including solid-fuel fireplaces such as chimney and tiled stoves with a flue gas temperature of up to 400 °C. It is important that the heat source only allows dry conditions or completely prevents the formation of condensate.

The Nisott Isolierschornstein IS: an overview

  • soot fire resistant
  • resistant to temperature fluctuations
  • multi-purpose use possible
  • can be retrofitted to an exterior wall

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