The wall duct WDF for chimney and flue pipes

If you need to put a chimney or flue pipe through a wall, use the fireproof WDF wall duct. This way you will meet all fire protection requirements and prevent any spreading of fires.

wall duct WDFA chimney pipe or flue pipe can get very hot during use. At the same time, the number of buildings that have a shell consisting of inflammable building materials is increasing for reasons of heat insulation.

In order to ensure proper fire protection, interior and exterior walls or front insulations consisting made up of inflammable materials like wood or plastic must be protected against excessive heat.

What is a wall duct?

A wall duct is a simple, space-saving, and safe solution ensuring fire protection:

  • A wall duct is an easy way of creating a safe distance from the building wall, insulating the flue pipe and thus the heat produced.
  • The minimum distance between pipe and wall stipulated by fire-protection regulations can be lowered by a substantial amount.
  • Covering the pipe with non-inflammable materials, a time-consuming process, becomes unnecessary.

The WDF wall duct

The WDF wall duct guarantees maximum fire protection. Especially when combined with our fireplace connection set FAS it offers a simple and safe solution for connecting a flue pipe to a chimney.


Wanddurchführung ZulassungTested quality:
the WDF wall duct meets the requirements stipulated by fire protection regulations as well as the relevant DIN regulations and is therefore approved by the building supervisory authority.

Space-saving: with the WDF wall duct, the minimum distance between the flue pipe and any inflammable building parts (40 cm) can be reduced to 12.5 cm.

Easy to install: Saw out the cutout, insert the wall duct, fit the cover or the radiant panel – done! No need to burden yourself with laborious and time-consuming masonry work around the pipe.

Maximum fire protection: depending on whether it is used inside or outside, the WDF wall duct is covered with a high-quality radiant or a cover panel ensuring maximum fire protection.


The WDF wall duct consists of

  • a mineral fibre insulation layer
  • a mineral wool insulation
  • a shaft element made of aerated concrete

Depending on whether it is used inside or outside, it is covered with a radiant panel (inside) or a cover panel (outside).

Available sizes

The WDF wall duct is available for nominal sizes between 130 and 200 mm and for four different wall thicknesses:

  • 120 mm
  • 240 mm
  • 360 mm
  • 440 mm

For other wall thicknesses, all parts can be shortened individually.

The roof duct

roof duct

If the roof is sloped or if the chimney has to be put through a roof, the WDF wall duct can also be used as a roof duct.

Depending on the angle of inclination, all parts of the duct can be cut to fit.


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