Using the RAS+ to retrofit a flue pipe connection

Our flue pipe connection set FAS „RAS+” makes it easier to connect the stove and the chimney if there is no flue pipe connection and thus a hole has to be drilled into the interior pipe. Here you will find the instructions for this.

Retrofitting a flue pipe connection

flue pipe connection

Before a stove can make your home warm and cozy, the flue pipe (stove pipe) must be properly connected to the chimney.

The problem that confronts many proud owners of a new stove is this: there is no chimney pipe opening, no so-called flue pipe connection. In this case, a connection will have to be retrofitted to the interior pipe of the chimney.

The flue pipe connection set RAS+

The flue pipe connection set FAS „RAS+“ allows a simple, fast, and safe connection between the flue pipe and the chimney if there is no flue pipe connection present. If there is one, you can use theParts (from outside to inside):

Parts (from outside to inside):

  • ceramic adapter
  • mineral wool insulation
  • ceramic pipe
  • metal double-wall lining

Available for all flue pipe diameters between 120 and 200 mm.

How to connect a flue pipe using the RAS+

1. Cut out the hole in the wall        

Rauchrohranschluss Anleitung 1

Rauchrohranschluss Anleitung 2

Rauchrohranschluss Anleitung 3

Press the connection set to the place on the mantle stone where you would like to insert the connection and draw the outline of the adapter piece. Cut out the hole in the wall using an angle grinder and remove the mineral wool insulation material with a cutter.


2. Cut out the pipe hole    

Rohröffnung ausschneiden

Rohröffnung ausschneiden 2

Rohröffnung ausschneiden 3

Press the adapter onto the interior pipe of the chimney and start drawing the pitch circle. Use the angle grinder to make a star-shaped cut into the pipe hole and start cutting the contour of the hole in order to create a predetermined breaking point (this will prevent uncontrolled breaking at the edge of the hole). Now remove the cut-out segments.


3. Put the adapter into place using acid-resistant mastic    

Rauchrohranschluss setzen

Rauchrohranschluss setzen 2

Rauchrohranschluss setzen 3

Remove all dust particles on the interior pipe and slightly moisten the gluing spot with a sponge. Put the adapter piece into place using the acid-resistant mastic.


4. Fix the flue pipe connection    

Rauchrohranschluss fixieren

Rauchrohranschluss fixieren 2

Rauchrohranschluss fixieren 3

Place the adapter piece onto the hole and smoothen the joint with a sponge. Fix the adapter using wooden wedges or a fastening clamp. After 24 hours, the mastic will have hardened. Now put the pipe-layer insulation onto the pipe and fill the wall hole with the mineral wool insulation material cut out in step 1.


5. Plastering and covering    

Verputzen und Verkleiden

Verputzen und Verkleiden 2

Verputzen und Verkleiden 3

Plaster the hole in the wall and finish by inserting the metal double-wall lining. Optionally, you can cover the mantle stone with facing bricks, for example from BisoArt.


6. Connect the flue pipe    

Rauchrohr anschließen

Rauchrohr anschließen

Rauchrohr anschließen

Now you can simply insert your stove pipe into the double-wall lining – done!



flue pipe connection set

I already have a flue pipe connection

If there already is a flue pipe connection on the chimney, our fireplace connection set FAS “STD” allows you to create a connection between the flue pipe and the chimney with minimum fuss - even if a reduction or expansion of the pipe is necessary.

> using the FAS to connect a flue pipe

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