Connecting a flue pipe with FAS „STD“

With our fireplace connection set FAS „STD“, you can connect your stove to your chimney quickly and easily via the flue pipe – even if a reduction or expansion of the pipe is necessary.

The flue pipe connection – the hole in the chimney

Before a stove can make your home warm and cozy, the flue pipe (stove pipe) must be properly connected to the chimney.

flue pipe connection

Many proud owners of a new stove are confronted with the same problem: the chimney opening, the so-called flue pipe connection, is larger or smaller than the diameter of the flue pipe (or, in case of retrofitting, does not exist at all).

There is no way around it: the chimney stove pipe (which usually has a diameter of 150 mm, 180 mm, or 130 mm) must be connected gastight to the chimney.

This is when many stove owners start to apply their DIY skills. With reduction or expansion pieces, clamps, sealing tape, or fast-acting cement, they fit the stove pipe to the pipe connection. This is no easy task – even when the pipe and the pipe connection are of the same diameter!

For non-experts, this complicated procedure additionally holds risks where safety is concerned. A permanently tight connection is very difficult to fit when you are a layman. Our connection set for flue pipes offers a simple and safe alternative.

The flue pipe connection set FAS „STD“

The flue pipe connection set FAS „STD“ allows a simple, fast, and safe connection between the flue pipe and the chimney. This solution is particularly practical when the diameters of pipe and connection differ greatly. If there is no pipe connection, the connection set FAS "RAS+" will take care of that.

The FAS “STD” is available in different sizes for any flue pipe diameter between 120 and 200 mm. Even if the pipe should have a diameter of more than 200 mm, we will have a tailor-made solution for you.

flue pipe connection set


Parts (from outside to inside):

  • ceramic stop ring
  • mineral wool insulation
  • ceramic pipe
  • metal double-wall lining

Available for all flue pipe diameters between 120 and 200 mm.

How to connect a flue pipe

Connecting a flue pipe

1. Glue the connection set to the flue pipe connection

All connection sets come with acid-resistant mastic. This mastic-like substance is spread onto the stop ring. Next put the ring onto the chimney flue pipe connection.


Connecting a flue pipe2. Insert double-wall lining

Now fix the double-wall lining (with acid-resistant mastic, if necessary) to the interior pipe. After 24 hours, the mastic will have hardened. Now you can connect the chimney stove to the chimney.

Connecting a flue pipe

3. Connect the stove pipe

You have now fit the connection set to the chimney cleanly and tightly. The connecting place for the stove pipe is the double-wall lining, which has been delivered in the nominal size of the stove pipe. Thus, the stove pipe can simply be inserted into the slit of the double-walled connecting place. You should push it in a little bit to obtain maximum stability.


Retrofitting a flue pipe connection

I do not have a flue pipe connection

Even if your chimney does not have a flue pipe connection and a hole has to be drilled into the interior pipe, you can use our FAS. The version FAS “RAS+” comes with an adapter in place of the stop ring. This adapter has a curved cutout that adjusts itself to the outside size of the interior pipe. It can therefore be glued directly to the interior pipe.

> Retrofitting a flue pipe connection

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