Fireclay pipes – ceramic pipes for the chimney

No modern chimney system can do without a fireclay pipe. Our isostatically pressed ceramic pipes are high-performance, high-tech state-of-the-art products.

fireclay pipesFireclay pipes form the inner layer of high-quality chimney systems and are in direct contact with the flues. Therefore, the ceramic raw materials and the production process must meet very high standards: a fireclay pipe must be able to resist low as well as high temperatures and be resistant to acid and moisture.

Isostatically pressed fireclay sleeve pipes

OSMOTEC-AGL LASThe highly-specialised fireclay pipe production process used for the OSMOTEC chimney systems is markedly different from traditional production methods. Isostatic pressing allows the production of extremely thin-walled ceramic pipes which are completely sealed and resistant to acids and condensates created during the combustion process.

A wall thickness of only 8 mm and a length of 66 cm make our fireclay pipes lighter, longer, and safer than traditional ceramic pipes. The 3 cm sleeve forms a perfect connection between the pipes and, together with our acid-resistant mastic, guarantees a homogenous and sealed pipe column.

W3G quality

Condensing solid biomass fuels such as pellets, wood chips, or grains and all fireplaces using them require chimney systems with a W3G certificate. The name “W3G” refers to the fact that the flue system has been tested and that it guarantees a sealed pipe column even in the case of a soot fire or condensate accumulation.

The isostatically pressed fireclay pipes used in our OSMOTEC chimney systems can withstand even the most extreme conditions. They are moisture-resistant (even after a soot fire) as well as resistant to temperature fluctuations and corrosion and therefore suitable for all fuel types. All these features mean that they meet the W3G certificate stipulations.


Unsere W3G-klassifizierten Schornsteinsysteme:





Our fireclay pipes: an overview

  • moisture-resistantresistant to soot fires
  • acid-resistant
  • resistant to temperature fluctuations
  • resistant to corrosion