The draft stabiliser

ZugbegrenzerA draft stabiliser saves energy and money by equalising pressure fluctuations inside the chimney and thus lowering fuel consumption.

When winter comes and the temperature drops, the pressure inside the chimney changes. Due to the large difference in temperature between outside and inside air, too much negative pressure is built up inside the chimney pipe.

The consequence is that the draft of the whole system fluctuates wildly. A stable thermal lift, however, is necessary to ensure an economical use of energy. In contrast, if the draft exceeds a certain value, the negative pressure draws the heat out of the stove and thereby increases fuel consumption.


Die Funktion eines Zugbegrenzers

How does a draft stabiliser work?

Draft stabilisers are secondary air inlets fitted to the chimney. By allowing additional outside air to enter the system, these inlets regulate the pressure inside the chimney.

The basic principle behind them is very easy to understand: a movable flap allows the chimney system to draw in cold air from outside if needed. The flap opens whenever the pressure level falls below a certain value and closes after the pressure has been equalised. The level of pressure at which the flap opens and closes can be adjusted according to the pressure inside the chimney.


Draft stabilisers

  • equalise temperature-related pressure fluctuations inside the chimney
  • lower fuel consumption and thus the heating bill
  • improve the ecological balance of a flue system
  • reduce moisture


Fitting a draft stabiliser

Our draft stabiliser is delivered as a ready-to-use building part together with an installation set. Thanks to a special ceramic adapter on the back of the flap, retrofitting your chimney can be done quickly and with minimum fuss.

The draft stabiliser is available in 2 versions:

  1. for fireplaces dependent on ambient air (universally usable).
  2. for fireplaces independent of ambient air and with concentric air/flue gas systems.

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