Chimney accessories

We offer a wide range of chimney accessories in order to meet static as well as fire protection-related requirements. Here you will find a selection.

Chimney outside insulation

This outside insulation makes your chimney a part of your building insulation. It is quick to lay and can be plastered.

Chimney bracket

The chimney bracket ensures that the chimney’s roof connection part is structurally stable. This easy-to-install construction makes it unnecessary to fill the rafter area with concrete, a laborious and time-consuming process.

EBS chimney static support

The position of the chimney and its height above the roof sometimes require some static support. The EBS static support system allows you to let your chimney protrude from your roof up to a height of 3 m.

The VSP 2.0 closing plate set

This closing plate has been designed for flue pipe connections or inspection apertures that have to be closed in order to be in accordance with fire protection regulations. The VSP closing plate has been specifically developed for use with our OSMOTEC chimney systems.